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We at Kaleidoscope Consignments understand how this can be a very sensitive time.  Working with our company allows you to focus your time and energy where they are needed most.  If you are unable to spare the effort needed to consign all of the items in an entire estate, then we will be more than happy to help you clean it out.

You can send us pictures of the estate by text message to (772) 696-3995 (this number is for texting pictures only).  If you prefer to send pictures from your cell phone or computer, then use this form; just tap the “Upload Photo” buttons to get to pictures on your phone automatically.  You can also send your pictures by email:

Selling your estate, instead of consigning it, gives peace of mind.  It’s convenient and we take care of everything for you.  Keep in mind that we have a 9,000 square-foot showroom as well as another 3,000 square feet of air-conditioned storage.  For larger estates, please call us at (772) 226-5719 and we’ll come out and review your items in person.

We offer check or cash upon pick-up. The pick-up service is included in the buyout price.  Packing service is available for a fee for small items. Items we can’t sell we donate to local charities, such as Safe Space and VNA Hospice.


Pick-up, Delivery, and Packing Service


Our company offers affordable rates for these services. We will work with you to schedule pick-up, delivery, and/or packing service that is convenient for you.

Please call us today at (772) 226-5719 or send us an email to:


Estate Liquidation

An estate sale is the best way to dispose of large amounts of personal property.  It’s the most direct, the most profitable, and the most efficient way to clear an estate in the event of a change in life circumstances.

  • Perhaps you’re moving.
  • Perhaps there’s a downsizing.
  • Perhaps you’re remodeling the house.
  • Perhaps there’s been a death in the family.
  • We can consign individual items.
  • You can sell items to us in bulk for a lump sum.


We Understand

At Kaleidoscope Consignments, we understand that this can be a very sensitive time.  Clearing out an estate can be stressful and emotionally draining quite aside from the circumstances leading to it.  We can help.

  • Put your focus where you are needed.
  • We can clean out your entire estate.
  • We offer check or cash upon pickup.
  • Pickup service is included in the buyout price.
  • We take furniture, decorative items, & small stuff.
  • Packing service available for a fee for small items.


We Sort the Best From the Rest

Estates contain the results of life.  Not all of it is suitable to be given to others, whether for love or money.  Our staff can help you to tell items apart and send them to their proper destinations.

  • Some items you want to give; others you want to keep.
  • Some items you can sell; others you can donate.
  • Still, other items can only be thrown away.
  • We have the expertise to help you tell which is which.
  • Items we can’t sell we donate to local charities.
  • We donate to Safe Space and VNA Hospice.


Steps for Estate Buyouts


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